5-30KVA Diesel Generating Set

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5-30KVA Diesel Generating Set
Product Model Capacity (KVA) Normal Power (KW) Phase Number Engine Model Engine Brand
GMS10PX 10 8 Three phase 3D1.4CG PowerLink
GMS10PX 12 9.6 Three phase 3D1.5CG PowerLink
GMS15PX 15 12 Three phase 4D2.3CG PowerLink
GMS20PX 20 16 Three phase 4D2.7CG PowerLink
GMS30PX 30 24 Three phase 4D3.2CG PowerLink
WPS10 10 8 Three phase 403D-11G Perkins
WPS13 13 10 Three phase 403D-15G Perkins
WPS20 20 16 Three phase 404D-22G Perkins
WPS30 30 24 Three phase 1103A -33G Perkins
GMS22C 23 18 Three phase 4B3.9-G1 Cummins
GMS30C 30 24 Three phase 4B3.9-G1 Cummins
P10 10 8 Single phase 3D1.4CG PowerLink
P12 12 9.6 Single phase 3D1.5CG PowerLink
P15 15 12 Single phase 4D2.3CG PowerLink
P20 20 16 Single phase 4D2.7CG PowerLink
P30 30 24 Single phase 4D3.2CG PowerLink
PP10 9 7.2 Single phase 403D-11G Perkins
PP13 13 10 Single phase 403D-15G Perkins
PP20 20 16 Single phase 404D-22G Perkins
PP30 30 24 Single phase 1103A -33G Perkins
PC22 24 19.2 Single phase 4B3.9-G1 Cummins
PC30 30 24 Single phase 4B3.9-G1 Cummins

As an experienced 5-30KVA diesel generating set manufacturer and supplier in China, We provides a wide range of products that includes 10-30KVA trailer type generator set, radiator for Cummins engine, reaper radiator, and more.

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