300-625KVA Three Phase Diesel Generator Set

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300-625KVA Three Phase Diesel Generator Set
Product Model Capacity (KVA) Normal Power (KW) Phase Number Engine Model
WPS350 350 280 Three phase 2206A -E13TAG2
WPS400 400 320 Three phase 2206A -E13TAG3
WPS450 450 360 Three phase 2506A -E15TAG1
WPS500 500 400 Three phase 2506A -E15TAG2
WPS600 600 480 Three phase 2806A -E18TAG1A
WPS625 625 500 Three phase 2806A -E18TAG2
GMS312C 312 250 Three phase NT855-G1B
GMS350C-G2 350 280 Three phase NTA855-G2A
GMS350C-G4 350 280 Three phase NTA855-G4
GMS375C 375 300 Three phase NTAA855-G7
GMS450C-G3 450 360 Three phase KTA19-G3
GMS450C-G7 N/A N/A Three phase NTAA855-G7A
GMS500C 500 400 Three phase KTA19-G4
GMS575C 575 460 Three phase KTAA19-G6
GMS650C-G3 650 520 Three phase QSKTAA19-G3 NR2
GMS650C-G8 N/A N/A Three phase KTA19-G8

As a professional 300-625KVA three phase diesel generator set manufacturer and supplier in China, we provide not only normal diesel generating set, but also locomotive generator set, radiator for generating set, truck radiator, and more.

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