300-625KVA Silent Diesel Generator Set

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300-625KVA Silent Diesel Generator Set
Product Model Capacity (KVA) Normal Power (KW) Phase Number Engine Model Engine Brand
WPS350S 350 280 Three phase 2206A -E13TAG2 Perkins
WPS400S 400 320 Three phase 2206A -E13TAG3 Perkins
WPS450S 450 360 Three phase 2506A -E15TAG1 Perkins
WPS500S 500 400 Three phase 2506A -E15TAG2 Perkins
WPS600S 600 480 Three phase 2806A -E18TAG1A Perkins
WPS625S 625 500 Three phase 2806A -E18TAG2 Perkins
GMS312CS 312 250 Three phase NTA855-G1B Cummins
GMS350CS-G2 350 280 Three phase NTA855-G2A Cummins
GMS350CS-G4 350 280 Three phase NTA855-G4 Cummins
GMS375CS 375 300 Three phase NTAA855-G7 Cummins
GMS450CS-G3 450 360 Three phase KTA19-G3 Cummins
GMS450CS-G7 N/A N/A Three phase NTAA855-G7A Cummins
GMS500CS 500 400 Three phase KTA19-G4 Cummins
GMS575CS 575 460 Three phase KTA19-G6 Cummins
GMS650CS-G3 650 520 Three phase QSKTAA19-G3 NR2 Cummins
GMS650CS-G8 N/A N/A Three phase KTA19-G8 Cummins

We is an experienced 300-625KVA silent diesel generator set manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide various types of products such as 10-30KVA trailer type generator set, road compactor radiator, reaper radiator, and power machinery radiator.

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