42-100KVA Locomotive Generator Set

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42-100KVA Locomotive Generator Set
Product Model Capacity (KVA) Normal Power (KW) Phase Number Engine Model Engine Brand
WPS100S-T 100 80 Three phase 1104C -44TAG2 Perkins
WPS100S-T-A 100 80 Three phase 1006TG2A Perkins
WPS45S-T 45 36 Three phase 1103A -33TG1 Perkins
WPS60S-T 60 48 Three phase 1103A -33TG2 Perkins
WPS80S-T 80 64 Three phase 1104A -44TG2 Perkins
GMS100CS-G1 100 80 Three phase 6BT5.9G1 Cummins
GMS100CS-G2 100 80 Three phase 6BT5.9G2 Cummins
GMS42CS-T 43 34 Three phase 4BT3.9G1 Cummins
GMS60CS-T 60 48 Three phase 4BTA3.9G2 Cummins
GMS80CS-T 80 64 Three phase 6BT5.9G1 Cummins

We is a China-based 42-100KVA locomotive generator set manufacturer and supplier. Our company offers a vast array of products, including container diesel generator set, normal diesel generating set, truck radiator, and more.

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